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18-02-2014 - Live audition at the KamaSutrA fair.


Britt also wanted to have an audition at the KamaSutrA fair. 3 men liked to try for the camera. Fortunately for Britt all these men worked very hard, and she was taken pretty well. In the end a shower ... a sperm shower.


30-04-2012 - Britt in club Omega


Here a horny shooting, what was made in club Omega te Belgium.


16-12-2011 - Duo show on stage


See here more of the stripteaseshow I did with Charisma at the Erotic convention at Hasselt!


16-12-2011 - Schoolgirl


Do you have fantasies about schoolgirls? Dan you're at the right place! Because I can also be a very naughty schoolgirl;)


14-12-2011 - Its spring


Lovely weather, a beautiful day to go out in the woods for some great sex! And no not alone, but with the 4 of us we have a horny adventure!!!


13-12-2011 - 2 horny cocks


I love 2 cocks mmm ;) Here I get fucked by Quinton and Daniel Day! Don't you wish you where one of these two cocks... Watch the pictures and fantasize about that!


13-12-2011 - Black versus pink


I have different sides: a sweet side, but also a very naughty side... See here the naughty Britt!!!


13-12-2011 - The builder comes to have a look


I've let a building company painted my walls and the builder comes to have a look. But I'm not satisfied! I try if the builder can take something off of the price. How I do that... I try the Britt way of course ;)


12-12-2011 - Reading the news paper


I love to stay informed about the news, but of course I read the news on my own (horny) way ;)


11-12-2011 - Britt, Joanna & Charisma


What's hotter than a threesome with 3 women or a threesome with 2 women and a man...? Well a threesome with 2 women and a Shemale!!! See here how Charisma Gold, Joanna Jet and I have super horny sex!



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